What is the right season for your wedding?

Wedding season has arrived! Here over at Weddings By lee we have been busy working with our couples to plan their perfect wedding photos at the beautiful venues they have chosen. Although summer and fall are the most popular seasons to set a date to get hitched, you may want to consider the beautiful settings that other seasons offer! I have listed a few of the pros of each season that may just be your “wedding in disguise”.


A spring wedding offers many of the obvious perks associated with summer but on the cooler end of the weather

_DSC5411spectrum. Although the weather may seem nice, spring weather is the most unpredictable of all the seasons. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, be sure to have a plan B incase Mother Nature decides to take an unexpected turn.

Flowers are another decadence that is associated with spring. Spring brings a variety of blooms that enhance the natural elegance of a wedding; adding to the beautiful décor and creating beautiful photo opps!






While an outdoor wedding may be beautiful during summer, be weary of unpredictable weather and heat! You don’t want your guests, bridal party and (most of all, you!) to sweat off all their makeup and perfume, leaving you beach_wpwith a stinky, smear-faced filled party. Learn how to use the beauty of summer to your advantage by holding your wedding or reception somewhere with large windows with walk out balconies or patios to wonder out on at your guests’ discretion. You can also take advantage of the beautiful scenery by stepping out to take photos in the summer air surrounded by all things colorful and bright.



In my opinion, fall is the crème of the wedding seasons. If your wedding is held earlier in the season, the weather DSC_6776_fall_webseems to be just right! Not to mention the beautiful photos you will capture with the variety of colorful leaves in the background. The beauty of fall’s attributes will add a vibrant, rustic feel to your wedding photos at any venue you choose! It’s also another reason to spruce up the décor with pumpkins, squash, apples, and any other seasonal additives!







The most under-rated of wedding seasons; although winter may come with its negatives such as unpredictable, icy weather that can make it difficult to travel, this beautiful season is filled with perks that rightfully give the season DSC_2530its name, “winter-wonderland”. First of all, as a photographer, breathtaking pure-white photos are probably my favorite part about having a winter wedding. There is something magical and pure about an all-white wedding and if you’re lucky, snowflakes will be falling all around you in your photos. Women will wear their (faux) furs with their long, elegant gowns to attend your “winter ball”. The event will delightfully blend in with stunning scenery from big windows surrounding the venue, letting every piece of beautiful white light shine through.

Don’t get too hung up on choosing a date. Remember that there are great additions that each season offers. All seasons have their unpredictable weather so just make sure to plan ahead for the worst, but anticipating the best! With the right photographer who knows how to take advantage of what each season offers, you can guarantee yourself at least one thing: your photos will always look incredible! Check out Weddings By Lee and the various seasons he has shot and make your call on the best photographer in town!

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Author: Sophia Moshasha Sophia is a seasoned marketing, PR and events professional.

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