Wedding Survival Kit

Hi there, my name is Sophia Moshasha. I am pleased to announce a partnership with Weddings By Lee to create fun and interesting content surrounding the fun and jaw clenching, trends, stories and tips of everything wedding related.

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I have planned and participated in my fair share of weddings and have a love for the uniqueness of each of them. I will be posting articles to help you all prepare for that special day. Please feel free to comment on the blog posts or send messages with questions or comments regarding the content. I look forward to getting to know everyone through this wedding inspired blog!

Now on to the juicy.

I have attended too many weddings where the bride has a random occurrence of unexpected events. In my search for items that brides and their bridal party should keep on hand, I found some items that might help the big day go more smoothly. Here is my take on a few essentials that should be included in your Wedding Survival Kit (after all, surviving the wedding is priority #1. Enjoying it comes second. J)

Wedding Survival Kit

* Deodorant- Keep your cool and don’t ruin your outfit or dress with stress stains!

* Bobby pins- An essential to keep back fly-aways or last minute adjustments to hairdos.

* Bottle of water- The stress of running around for a wedding is a workout in itself! Keep hydrated.

* Straws- Protect that gorgeous made-up face by minimizing facial contact with food or drink.

* Tylenol- Because when are pain killers not essential to have on hand?

* Airborne/Vitamin C- So many germs in the air. Prevent any chance of feeling under the weather on your big day!

* Blotting papers- Photos will be taken of you ALL day. These special papers will ensure a picture perfect complexion every time!

* Extra mascara, lipstick and makeup- Combat the tears, hugs and weather conditions with occasional touchups.

* Breath Mints-Make sure your first kiss as man and wife is a memorable one!

* Stain remover pen- Let’s hope you won’t have to use this!

* Sewing kit- Wardrobe malfunctions are common. Be ready to conquer them!

* Healthy snacks- Don’t let hunger pangs put you (us women) in a crappy mood. Keep nutritious snacks on hand to keep you energized and ready to handle a stressful (but fun) day!

These are just a few items that I conjured together from my experiences as a wedding connoisseur. Weddings By Lee can guarantee the perfect photo part, but these other items may help you get through the rest of the day! Comment below to add your thoughts on possible additions to this kit!

Good luck from all of us at WeddingsBy Lee, we wish you success in having fun and surviving your wedding. Come talk to us about your dream wedding and let’s get creative when capturing your special moment! or call us at 202-744-0341.






Author: Sophia Moshasha

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