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DIY Centerpieces

Weddings are beautiful, fun, memorable… and expensive! While having $50k to spend on your wedding may seem like the only way to have a beautiful wedding, wouldn’t it be nice to cut down on some of the expenses so we can put the money to other uses, such as towards a down payment on a house? We all want our wedding to be special and there are plenty of ways to get the most bang of your buck and still have a pretty awesome ceremony.

“Do It Yourself” (DIY) trends are becoming more and more popular, especially for weddings. Not only does it save you a good lump of money but DIY allows you to customize your wedding and really make your special day unique!

I realize we are not all Martha Stewarts with amazing crafting skills, nor do we have enormous amounts of free time while up to our ears in planning for the big day (although I fully believe that it’s things like these that the bridal party should help with). Flowers arrangements and reception table centerpieces can be a pretty hefty cost. These DIY centerpiece tips are the some of the most simple, but beautiful ways to add a personal, unique touch to your wedding.

Dollar stores, discount stores and second hand stores will be your best friend for your wedding hacks. You can get most of what you need there. For anything else, head to a Michaels, Target or Walmart.

Wine glass centerpiece

wine glass centerpiece-1 copyI’m guilty of buying my wine glasses at the dollar store. They break so easily and hard to find more to match the set so I get the cheap replaceables J This centerpiece is probably the easiest I’ve come across and probably your cheapest DIY centerpiece alternative. All you do is take a few wine glasses (the same or different styles). Flip them over and place tea light candles on top. You can place decorations inside the flipped glass such as flowers, stones, fake rings symbolic of wedding bands, or something more personalized to the bride and groom. Place these centerpieces on a piece of wood, glass or mirror.



Balls of Flowers

I love this cute display of flowers. For this you can purchase any fake or real flowers with a sturdier stem. Cut the stems to about an inch from the flower head. Glue the end of the stems of the fake flowers then flower ball centerpiece 1-1 copyflower ball centerpiece-1 copystick them close together in a Styrofoam ball that is made for flower arrangements. If the flowers are real, skip the glue stem as this will block the water flow to keep the flowers alive. (The arrangement foam is usually a green color with a softer texture) Fill in any open gaps with smaller flowers or green leafy fillers. I would also wait to make the arrangements the night before to ensure I fresh flower for the ceremony.







Tiered centerpieces

Tiered Centerpiece 2These tiered centerpieces are probably the best DIY wedding additions I’ve seen. Pick out flower vases or small fishbowls and candlestick holders for however many centerpieces you need. Use a hot glue gun to connect the bottom of the vase with the top of the candlestick holder. Fill the vase with flowers, stones, sand, candles, or whatever you would like to complete your desired look. You can get candlestick holders at different heights to create a staggering effect at the table.Tiered Centerpiece 1







Bouquet Centerpieces

This is probably the easiest way you can avoid the extra costs of flower arrangements for centerpieces. I’m not quite sure what bridesmaids do with their bouquets after the ceremony but chances are, during Bouquet Centerpiece-1the chaos and excitement of the dancing and celebrating, they don’t make it home. Don’t let those beautiful arrangements go to waste! When the ceremony is over, ask your brides maids to slip their bouquets into the vases on the dinner tables before guests move into the reception area. Voila! No preparation needed and your professionally arranged bouquets became professionally arranged centerpieces.

The colors and types of decorations you choose to use can have a huge effect on how your wedding photos turn out. Weddings By Lee can help you validate your centerpiece choices that will compliment your venue and your wedding photos. When you choose the right planner and photographer, they can be your best consultant on creative aspects of your wedding. Use them! For more ideas on wedding decorations and ways to reduce costs, call Weddings By Lee. Reduce time researching and ask the experts themselves! or call us at 202-744-0341.







Author: Sophia Moshasha Sophia is a seasoned marketing, PR and events professional.

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