Like most I grew up with a camera in hand, shooting on film and developing my own film and prints in my basement darkroom. After high school the only clear choice was to pack my bags and go to the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Ga for commercial photography. After a lot of moving trucks and many years I’m back where it all started.

I’ve had a studio in Atlanta, Tampa, Chicago and now back in the D.C area. Fortunate to have lived in these cities I’ve been exposed to working with  some incredible talent and creative commercial projects.

Shooting movie star Keri Russell, infomercial Billy Maze and a project for a product safety testing company that took us to 7 countries on 4 continents in just 19 days, just to name a few.

It wasn’t until 2008 when the market crashed and the commercial work stopped coming in that had to look at different photography income opportunities if I want to continue to do what I love.

So in 2009 I shot my first wedding and instantly fell in love with it. I now shoot weddings up and down the East Coast back to Chicago often and the occasional destination wedding. I feel I’ve truly found what I love about photography. There is nothing like the raw emotion and love that surrounds a wedding and to be able to capture that so my couples can relive it for a life time is an incredible feeling for me.

I can keep going forever on how blessed if feel every time I’m ask to take on the awesome responsibility to shoot a wedding but lets hear from some of my past couples.

“We didn’t want a “wedding photographer”. We wanted an artist. Our photos are flawless, beautiful, timeless and uniquely ours.” Charleston, SC

“Lee was so much more than our wedding photographer. He provided me with a sense of calm and direction throughout the entire process.”Washington, D.C.

“On our wedding day, Lee was prompt, professional and a blast to work with.”Washington, D.C.

“From the engagement photos to the final shot of our wedding reception we are completely smitten with all our photos.” Chicago, IL

After all that….I can tell you I’m a outdoor enthusiast and take a 2 week hiking and backpacking trip every year.

I love to experiment with and infuse bourbon and whiskey.

Cats and dogs are both my friends and I always have to have my morning coffee.

Now it’s your turn, invite me to your wedding, drop me a line here or give me a call at 202-744-0341.